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D_E1M7.mus Mix

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Reminds me a lot of the SNES version. Hell -- actually, a lot of the synths sounds exactly the same, just a more complex. Odd.

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Any links to the SNES version? What sort of synthesis did that use anyway?

The drumkit samples are new, it's a bit of a test for the 2nd snare (light, G#).

A saw lead is always a saw lead, this one just has a lot of effects on it.

Also the strings aren't quite as simple, they're a combination of virtual DX7 (opening part) with another virtual analogue synth with some real string samples.

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http://www.theoldcomputer.com/gamemusic/index.php?folder=Nintendo/SNES/Doom - if that is it, then that's really screechy.

Anyway, this new mix doesn't deviate much from the original MIDI score, notes are exactly the same. The only difference is a slightly more technical/machine feel to the strings. The aim is actually for the drums to sound pretty close to the original Roland Sound Canvas samples Doom scores were composed with.

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