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How to playtest new SP map?

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how to playtest a new singleplayer map?

should i playtest it on UV, autoaim on or off, free mouse off?

about skill settings, is the same skill set (UV) in all ports equal or does it differ?

how does the most players player doom?

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Definitely test the map in the lowest compatible port you aim for - that is, Chocolate Doom for vanilla maps, PrBoom+ for standard modern-day Boom maps, (G)ZDoom for (G)ZDoom maps. It's important because of tracking bugs and "ZDoomisms" in vanilla/Boom maps. If said port doesn't support freelook, then it's a matter of course you should test without it.

There is obviously no objectively right-and-only-one-right answer how to make proper difficulty and balance. It depends on the "target group" of players you want to primarily satisfy (e.g. slaughterplayers, casual players, players with high/low demands). I would recommend to balance out UV for the optimal (and at least somewhat challenging) experience, because as far as I know, UV is the standard difficulty for most players.

And no, ports don't differ in skill settings / behaviour of them.

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I normally test on UV in vanilla (I'm a vanilla mapper), but I periodically do more thorough playtests with the following parameters:

* HNTR, HMP, and UV with 100% kills, items, and secrets (no forgotten skill flags).
* UV 0% secrets (if any secrets are absolutely required to beat the map, they shouldn't be secret). Maps with no secrets save a single token secret (usually in the start or exit room) are exempt from this test.
* UV solo-net with 100% kills, items, and secrets, suicide in each blocked-off area (no forgotten netgame flags, and ensure blocked-off areas can be re-entered by respawned player).

I also test in PrBoom+ and ZDoom, mainly so that I know which compatability options my stupid vanilla tricks need.

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