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I'm working on a total conversion (pretty much) called Loki's Realm. i'm trying to get hosted either here or newdoom.com, hopefully here, and i had it on a crosswinds account for a couple days, but now its at my server muzakfiend.com. the page isn't really finished though there's a little bit there, probably not enough worth seeing yet http://www.muzakfiend.com/pages/loki/

anyway i just put up a 10-minute realaudio sample of about 8 songs from the mp3 soundtrack to the game. the samples aren't high in quality so you're not really getting the full sound, but just an idea. please let me know what ya think, somebody!

http://www.muzakfiend.com/pages/loki/soundtracksample.rm [download]
http://www.muzakfiend.com/pages/loki/soundtracksample.ram [streaming]
note: i checked my ftp this morning and there were around 10-20 files on my full site (including loki's realm) that didn't upload, so i resubmitted the jobs. now the last thing uploading is, well, the soundtrack sample. so if it doesn't show up when you click on it, its still uploading. i'll be taking a shower for hell/work and i'll check on it again before i go

thanks a million,

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eww, realplayer's file...try to convert it into .mp3 one way or the other. Thanks for letting us know and you have paid quite efforts on this ;)

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ok its an mp3 now, but i haven't listened to it yet because i don't wanna wake my g/f. its currently uploading at the moment and i'm on another computer in another room. it'll probably be finished in about 10-20 minutes. i came in here to listen to it when its done but i'm about to crash. just wanted to give the address in advance in case anyone from before was eager to hear it. i apologize if it sounds like crap. i usually never encode less than 96 usually but i don't have much space hosted on my server, plus the smaller file size is a more quicker download. there are realaudio conversion tools available if you'd rather download the smaller but probably more coherant version with no warbles and possibly make the output a wave or higher quality mp3 file (avoiding the new realplayer altogether)

thanks for any responses and i'll probably devote a page from the loki's website book-thing (if you've seen the somewhat-page you'd know what i mean, heh) to reviews and their origin (with your permission, and i'll add your url or email if you want)

must go
coma entranced
seeing things

oh yeah

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