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Editors that I can make custom death frames?

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if what your looking for is an image editor than gimp ;-) (or photoshop, but gimp does the same when it comes to doom style sprites)

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Unclear question. Solution depends on the way how you mean it and on the lowest compatible port you're targeting.

To create the sprites, do what raymoohawk said. To put them into your wad, use SLADE3. Name them correctly. http://doomwiki.org/wiki/Adding_custom_sprites If you just want to replace the original sprites, that's pretty much all and it will work in any port.

But if you want one monster to have multiple Alt deaths, you probably need to learn ZDoom's DECORATE to code them so that they behave properly ingame. Redefine the classic actors using inheritance and add alternative Death frames, using any sprites you wish. Be sure to give them non-conflicting sprite names, then.

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