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GLBoom crashes upon start (Because I was an idiot or something)

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So, I was just messing about in GLBoom when I went into Load game and selected a save for a PWAD I didn't currently have loaded. It said, "These PWAD(s) are missing", blah blah blah, and then I pressed Y I KNOW THAT WAS A MORONIC MOVE and then it said "Error: Corrupt savegame".
Now, whenever I try to start up GLBoom, it says:

Couldn't set 1366x768 video mode [Unable to create GL context]
What's going on? Can I fix it somehow, even if I can't even access the program? Thanks in advance for putting up with my stupidity.

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Try deleting your GLBoom config file. I'm not sure how loading an incompatible save would nuke it but if that is literally all you did preceding this problem then I would image that would resolve it.

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