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Ishtar's Gate

Babylonia MOD/WAD Review: Psychic

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Psychic is a mod by Xaser over at Masters of Insanity, whose body of work includes HACX 2.0. Similar to 2.0, Psychic has a very cyberpunk feel to it, in particular the interface changes.

Perhaps the most radical addition here is the new store interface that allows players to buy, then upgrade their weapons and psychic powers along with multiple new powerups.

It is compatible with almost every commercial IWAD, as far I'm aware. There's a few minor changes to the gameplay of Strife, but everything else remains intact.

So, is it worth loading up? Or it is utter puerile shit not even worth a notice?

I'd have to say that it's indeed worth the download, with it's excellent additions to the combat. And it just has the magical feel these sort of well-done mods have.

So, you should most definitely load up Psychic after downloading it from the link BELOW.


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I'm certainly glad to know that it's not utter puerile shit not even worth a notice. :P

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