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Jaxxoon R

Resident Spooky - Barry's Aadventure

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WOW! This is magnificent! A masterpiece! 9999999999999999/10!!! GOTY BIATCHEZ!!!!!!

Nah, in all seriousness, it's not bad, but I was hoping it'd be at least beatable.

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Doominator2 said:

Whats with the fake foreign accent?

People love accents.

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Your accent and your picture-less/video-less description in the OP didn't convince me. I'll better download 100-to-1000 Doom wads of 50MB in total, than this. I don't believe it'd be more worth it, I like Doom wads too much :).

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Anyone know if its a virus? New user posts some 'game.' I have to wonder.

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Man, I ain't new...

And this ain't a virus. It is shit though, that comes from being made in about... thinking about it now, I don't even think I spent as long as 12 hours on this. Maybe more like six. Maybe four. I dunno. I was compelled to make the Snoic Generatons of Resident Evil, but stopped once I realized GM Studio limited you to about three BG images. I looked at that shit and said "fuck that, I'll just make something in Direct X, I'm already programming in C for the physics, probably be easier this way."

In the end, I have no fucking clue why it's 50 MB, there's barely anything in there. It might be GM Studio bloating things, I don't know.

Also, what accent?

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