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Trouble with Command Line Parameters!

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So I am currently trying to play with '-fast' parameter on. I'm using zdoom and I press '`' to bring down the drop down menu. Is this how to use Doom's 'command line parameter' or 'command line argument'? I know that it requires I use the parameters to warp there within the same command line.

'warp XX fast', XX=01-32: drops me into the center of map 01 without fast parameters set. I just can't get any command line parameters to work. Help?

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What you're describing is the zdoom console. If you bring down that same menu and write "sv_fastmonsters true" it will turn on fast monsters.

Command lines need to be typed after the executable's name.

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Yes. Actual command line parameters need to be passed into a command line (=not ZDoom's console) at the same time as launching the game .exe, as parameters for the exe. For example:

zdoom -iwad Doom2.wad -file ksutra.wad -warp 01 -skill 4 -fast
Note the "-" before each of the parameter names.

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For reference:

Command line parameters are stuff that you need to type before the application runs. When you're already in the game, it's too late for command line parameters.

For doing what you want to do (warping to a map) with the console, take a look here, you've got a certain number of choices for level warping. Whereas warp as a console command moves you to the given position in the current map.

For setting fastmonsters or respawn or anything like that, look here.

So basically, instead of "warp 12 fast" in the console, type this:

sv_fastmonsters 1
idclev 12
You can also change skill in the console, but obviously that will only affect the next level, not the current level.

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The command line switch behavior that would be inherited from Vanilla Doom is that any command line switches (like -fast) only affect the game started directly from the command line (-warp -episode etc.). If the menu is visited to start the game, those settings are wiped clean again.
This may or may not be relevant to the problem. It is not often clear in any of the help documents.

If you are running Windows you probably have not seen a command line and don't know what it is. Clicking an icon to start the program passes only the program name and no switches on the command line.

Some launchers provide the ability to use command line switches, or you can just use the console commands instead. There should be very few command line switches that do not have similar ability with a console command or a setting in the option menus.

Try typing help into the console (assuming zdoom has a console help).

The third set of commands are the cheat codes, which do not require
bringing down the console.

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Got the zdoom console working. Thanks for the clarification between a console command and a command line entry. Fast monsters is a pretty cool experience, definitely harder. Fast monsters on NTR is a whole different type of UV. I feel like pinkies should always be as fast as they are with this parameter on.

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