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Project: Doomed (Updated!)

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Download @ ModDB
Download @ Mediafire - High quality version, about 220 MB. Processed with Merlin Vienna 128MB soundfont
Download ultra slow variant @ ModDB

Ultra slow audio samples, normal Project Doomed samples are further below:


I did some altering to Jay Reichard's "Project Doom" songs so they are closer to the original songs, as well as being slightly slower. The original Project Doom text file allows modification and reuse, btw. Even Reichard himself has posted and gave positive feedback for my edits.

In this, I got all songs slowed down with both games' tunes having the "originalization" done (meaning instrument changes and left/right tuning)

Requires a source port that can parse MIDI files.


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I have added an ultra slow variant titled "Project True Doomed" because it is indeed slow like actual doom and funeral doom metal.

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