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Carny Goat

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Hi all.

Lately I've been craving a bit of classic coop and then some. But my search for populated servers hasn't turned out so well. My connections are open (ISP apparently doesn't block connections) and I'm using stock settings on the three major multiplayer ports, Zandronum, Zdaemon, and Odamex. There hardly seems to be any people playing, or I'm on at the wrong times, or stock settings doesn't yield many browser results for Doom Seeker or Zdaemon's server browser.

Anyone know the times when many doomer's get together to bust some heads or are there some unique settings I should apply to my browsers search parameters? Any help would be appreciated.

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Unfortunately this is the time of year that online dooming starts to decline because everyone is finishing their semesters and traveling for the holidays.

Once the semester is over, I will definitely want to get back into deathmatching on odamex.

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Do you also join the chatrooms?





I'm sure if you join these IRC channels and just say "hey, anyone wanna play?" you'll get a response easily enough. :) Oh also I'm always in these things, so if Im there, feel free to shoot me a message.

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The one I reside in must be a secondary one. There's over 30 people in here who chat somewhat regularly but I'll add that to the list as well!

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Well, are you using doomseeker?
It's because there are some servers(Zandronum of course.) that have lots of players like horde of bagels, complex doom and rga2, there are also some others, but other than that i mostly play horde of bagels.
It's quite a great server, so why don't you give a try?
Althrough there are some imature guys in there, other than that, it's enjoyable and fun as well.

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