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Cut/Forgotten Maps and .wads

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We have all done it.

We made a map (or a .wad) that never came to be anything, the work never made it and was left unfinished (You have no interest in completing/finishing it either).

We have all made the maps that you yourself thought were terrible, you removed them from the project yourself (and thus made them cut maps).

I have a few cut/forgotten wads that I would like to post and explain here:

Wads: http://www.mediafire.com/download/x8a8brnqcq236qe/cut.zip


Doom (vanilla)

ST56fix.wad is an old TPBM extension project for Ultimate Doom. Naturally it failed as I bit off more than I could chew for a complete newbie mapper.

The map set was then later intended to be revived into a vanilla compatible map set, I was able to make it vanilla compatible but I was not able to make it... You know, good. Because of this, the project was canned.

Has everything a functional map has, E1M2 is unfinished by a mile.


Doom 2 (Limit removing)

Was going to be a DM map for This project, I ultimately cut the map due to me being unsure of what I could actually do with it.

The map was ultimately scrapped because I felt I would not be able to match the projects standards and only this remains of it.

Has basic structure, nothing else.


Final Doom TNT (ZDoom)

I like Xen from Half-Life a little too much, I tried to make a Zen like Doom map using slot 16 of TNT. I was experimenting with using nothing but textures I never use, coloured lighting and basic scripting...

Obviously this didn't get far.

Basic structure, some scripts and a player start.


Final Doom Plutonia (ZDoom I believe)

I honestly don't have a clue with what I was going for here, I honestly do not.

Some kind of nature map? Wither way it was canned because it sucks and I (At the time) sucked at mapping.

Basic structure, player start, enemies.


Ultimate Doom (vanilla)

Map cut early on in its formation, was intended for an E4 slot in Ultimate Doom In Name Only but was ultimately cut short as I felt that I would never be able to match the level of quality that other mappers were doing for the project.

Basic structure, player start.


Doom 2 (Boom)

Older versions of Incubator from TBPM.

Fully functional maps.


Doom (ZDoom)

Oh boy.

My first real project. An absolute failure on all levels.

Canned for being absolute shit.

Fully functional.


I know more of my cut wads exist, I am just going to have to track them down.


Naturally, I have an interest in unfinished or cut content and I am extremely interesting in messing around with them, seeing what they could be and pondering all the "What if"s about them.

So please, feel free to post your cut maps if you wish (I will play them).

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Sure thing. It will take awhile for me to find specific maps, but once I find them, I'll definitely post them here.

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I have a few...apart from my first maps, I have a an unfinished ZDoom project and unfinished ZDoom jokewad sitting around on my computer. All of them are pretty horrible but I guess they have their place in my mapping learning curve. I'll post them in a few days when I'm at the right computer.

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I might share them when I get home. I think I have a few that are named after songs, like one based on Cemetary Drive by MCR (Which is now lost for good) and an Iron Maiden named map, The Trooper. Also a lot of maps featuring god awful mazes and corridor shoot outs. I seemed to enjoy making mazes for a while.

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Good, good. I will look forward to having a look at these wads when they are found and released.


I found some more:


Doom 2 (ZDoom)


A pathetic attempt at an ambient and creepy wad, this wad is one of the biggest failures I eve pumped out. It was obviously scrapped after it was noted for being both awful and a complete failure.

Fully functional.


Doom 2 (Boom)


A very early version of TPBM.wad, it is very primitive and actually kind of shit to be honest.

Fully functional.


Doom 2 (ZDoom)


I believe this is the notoriously horrendous botched release (Done on purpose mind you) of the original WOOO, I don't know about that however as I just noticed this in my Mediafire account.

Supposedly fully functional... Kind of.



Final Doom Plutonia... Sort of... (ZDoom)

The horrible myfirstwad.wad, but only somehow worse.

Used assets from all IWADs so expect to be missing some textures unless you load them up as PWADs (And apparently a Realm 667 monster is missing from it, that is very odd).

Supposedly fully functional... In the broadest meaning of the term.


Final Doom TNT (ZDoom)


I am legitimately unsure of what this is, seriously. Primitive slaughter like map for TNT that sucks, you are welcome to laugh at it.

Fully functional.


Doom 2 (Boom)


Very first version of Incubator, wow this map has changed a lot.


Doom 2 (vanilla)


A map that was half finished from a project that never happened that had something to do with Fellowzdoomer...

Cyberdreams 2 was it?

either way the map was completely unfinished.

Somewhat functional.


Still looking for some of them, I know I had a Heretic map somewhere.

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I have several unfinished WADs on my hard drive, including the Experiment in 32 Grid and Occam's Cinema.

What if we made a megawad from the unfinished/cut/abandoned works with any interested parties finishing them?

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Finally able to post these...

MYDOOM.wad (c. 2005): Yes, these are truly my very first maps that I never made, which have managed to survive nearly a decade on various computers unedited. I had yet to learn about autoalign, unpegging, the concept of pistol start (I idfa'd when testing these), or that Doom Builder supported a grid smaller than 32px. I also had to go into the WAD and pull out all the stuff that wasn't my levels, since apparently I'd just made a copy of the IWAD and started replacing stuff in it. They're stupid and gimmicky and incredibly ugly, but they're my first maps and I'll always have a soft spot for them.
MAP01 - Halls of the Clueless: The very first thing I made after opening Doom Builder for the first time. I doodled around with various linedef functions and basics of texturing in a map based around a fairly dumb joke. After seeing what the joke is you'll realize that the map is completely impossible to get 100% kills on.
MAP02 - Vertigo: Way easy, though I don't think I thought it was at the time.
MAP03: Technically unfinished, though there is a beatable level here. Most of it was going to be in secret areas outside of the tiny level itself, which could eventually yield access to the secret level (from MAP03, of course.)
MAP09: Just a circular arena, fighting all the enemies one species at a time. Clever stuff!
MAP10: The big final battle against the Icon of Sin, Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind in the most cramped arena imaginable.
MAP32: the Super Secret Level! Ironically enough, the secret level is by far the least gimmicky map in the set, though the ammo-to-monster ratio is absurdly low (I don't even supply many of the weapons ammo is provided for.)

COSMOS.WAD (2006-8 somewhere): My first and so far last serious attempt at a ZDoom wad. It didn't get too far but was intended to be a mega-enormous level of an entire space station. Still haven't learned unpegging but we're getting there.

SB1024_2.WAD (2008): This is one of two maps I attempted for Claustrophobia 1024. One got initially rejected, then significantly reworked by Kyka and included in Claus1024 2. The other one, unfinished and hitherto unreleased, is included here. It's not horrendous but it's very cramped and linear so far and I can't imagine doing much with it.

DANGER.WAD (2008?): Extremely unfinished and unfunny ZDoom jokewad.

SOULLSSS.WAD (2010): A "contribution" to a possibly serious jokewad community project that predictably went nowhere. Much funnier than DANGER.WAD.


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I'm pretty space-conservative, so things I decide to axe get recycle-binned pretty quickly. There was one map I was making for Beef Jerky, it was a big shitty open field of two islands connected by a bridge.
It's gone now.

Another is an abandoned attempt to recreate Outer Wall, it's only floating girders and a broken missing-texture-checker-skybox. It's still around.


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I'm not really sure if this qualifies as a "cut wad". This is mainly because i plan to remake this wad better than the original. But when I do that, I'm going to restart the whole project from scratch. So Most of the stuff here will get either replaced or modified.

Hell Invasion V.0.1 beta.wad Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/5q7z5yj9sj7535s/Hell+Invasion+V.0.1+beta.wad

My first attempt at making a megawad for Doom-II (It's also my first attempt at making a Doom Wad). Only completed 9 maps and about 25% of the 10th map.

Requires any skulltag or skulltag actors as it uses monsters, power-ups and weapons you get by mapping in Skulltag (doom in doom) format.

Abilities such as jumping and crouching are necessary in order to beat some levels.


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Right, here we go. I am going to quickly sum up the maps as fast as possible because TPBM development is consuming all my spare time that isn't occupied by friends and family:


It is a real shame this one wasn't finished, I absolutely loved it!

The only issue found was these guys:

(Fucks given: 0)

Seriously, you should finish this.


No offense bu this was bad, this was WOOO levels of bad (was that the intention?)

I can see the joke, I get the joke but it isn't funny.

And where the hell is that RL you promised me?


MAP01: Skipped all combat entirely, was I supposed to do this?

If not then I currently hold the speedrun record of 27 seconds.

MAP02: Skipped all combat... Again...

42 seconds.

MAP03: Actually engaged in combat with this one (Had no choice, the map was tight as hell).

It was not enjoyable.

MAP09: More enjoyable than the rest of them so far.

I really enjoyed making everything infight all at once, with a little cleaning up and editing this could actually be a fairly decent map.

MAP10: Urgg...

That was awful, sorry.

MAP32: Stalin's crucible.

Anyway, the map was entertaining whilst watching the infight but not good during the key hunting section.

Overall this was honestly not good, but it was a beginners effort so I wasn't expecting much and it wasn't too bad actually, a tolerable experience.


This... this was depressing.

This map could become something great, something awesome...

Something brilliant!

I would seriously consider going back to this one and finishing it off, who cares about it being linear:

It has the potential to be an awesome journey.


I actually laughed, brilliant!

Hell invasion beta

Hey baby, was your daddy a sailor because...


Dat wall map:

Yeah... That is one floaty wall.


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Let's see..

HellsHome: Initial thoughts after finishing the map based on my friend's house, I thought make a small suburb for DM. I quickly lost interest the following hour.

AnExperimentIn32Grid: As it says, I was building a map mostly on the 32 grid but again I lost interest.

occcinem: Was a theater type map with vintage ads strewn about.

OakSani: Was supposed to based on the Silent Hill Origins sanitarium in the game. Didn't get past the main atrium where everything connects to.

doomplan: A Doom map following and meant to replace Nuclear Plant.

Iracunda: Previously posted as a map for anyone to build upon and was supposed to be a 6th map for an E2 episode (1-5 and 9 are on /idgames/)

Anyone can build upon these maps if you want.

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Thanks for playing, that's the most attention some of those maps have gotten in nearly a decade. I'm surprised you liked COSMOS as much as you did. It's been years since I even considered picking it up again. In any case I've recycled the graphics and concept in one level of my current project, including a couple vaguely similar areas (oblivious shotgun guys are omitted.)

I didn't expect you to like mydoom.wad though, it's one of those early efforts only its creator could love. And yeah, danger.wad was actually supposed to be funny. I had a loose idea of what was funny in those days...that and I was trying to turn assorted ZDoom actions into jokes in rather lazy ways. You can see why it got abandoned.

I might recycle some of the abandoned 1024 map one day, perhaps even in the wad I'm making now. If I don't do it then anyone else is free to. ;)

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mrthejoshmon said:

Hey baby, was your daddy a sailor because...



I'm sorry. But I don't understand. I know this map is shit but can you be a bit clear on the sailor part?

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Zulk-RS said:

I'm sorry. But I don't understand. I know this map is shit but can you be a bit clear on the sailor part?

It was a terrible joke, ignore it.

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/misc in my Doom working directory is full of one/two room scraps. I'll have to dig through and see if there's anything worth salvaging one of these days. Usually if something of mine actually gets beyond that two room phase, it turns into a whole map and gets released.


Found a gem, a full map I never released, and don't actually remember finishing! Will upload later.

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"The Forgotten Levels"

How is that for a cut/unfinished set of maps that get completed by those interested in putting together a megaawad/minimegawad?

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Before I forget this map again:


Vanilla compatible, in the E3M4 slot. IIRC, this was made for one of Hellbent's mapping challenges, it's very vanilla-inspired. I don't remember designing the upper part with the hollow walls at all. I have no idea why I never released this, I wasn't entirely happy with the center exit room, but I've released worse than this.

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