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Zandronum SNS #153 - Claustrophobia 1024 and ArmedRecruit

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Enjoying your finals? Regardless of the answer to that question, join us for Claustrophobia 1024 and ArmedRecruit this weekend. 32 great maps from 2009 paired with one of the best perk mods Zandronum has to offer, all in this event put together so graciously by your highness. Cramped spaces may or may not be present.

Lives: 1
IWAD: doom2.wad
WADs: 1024clau, armedrecruit
What day: Saturday, December 6th, 2014
What time: 18:00 UTC
United Kingdom: 19:00
Russia / Moscow: 22:00
Eastern Time (US): 2:00 PM
Where: Best Ever
More info and screenshots...

Get Zandronum and check out modern Doom.

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