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Looking for a texture

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im helping a friend with a Hexen wad, (basically im retouching the map he did so can be a bit detailed since he is a new mapper which isnt that bad tbh) so im looking for some nature textures, i added most of them to the wad but im looking for one in specific.

im looking for a texture that it just a middle textures of trees, something like this: http://i.imgur.com/TQm0Zbj.png
but with more random pattern and more trees. i dont remember where i saw one but i cant find a wad with textures like that, if someone can tell me where i can get it i really would appreciate the help (and if they know where to get middle textures for branchs to make trees that would be a nice bounus help)

sorry if this is asking to much. but thanks in advance

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