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Why is vanilla crashing here?

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Gonna keep this short and simple. I started a map yesterday, and today I ran into a problem: Chocolate Doom doesn't at all like it. I wanted part of the map to lower and change to a water texture, but when I walk over the line, grab the blue key and try to enter the sectors that are lowering, Chocolate Doom crashes. Could anyone tell me why this is and how to fix it?


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I just idclip up and then turn off idclip. I want to remove this error before I actually make the map function.

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I've played and seen the map in action. It's clearly an issue of too many sectors with an action that changes their effect according to neighboring sectors. Tip: Use "Join" feature to join those of them that have the same floor+ceiling heights, to reduce their total count, and try again.


Total number of 2-sided linedefs adjanced to the affected sectors shouldn't exceed 20, I believe. Maybe I'm giving away a slightly misleading information, but I believe it was something like that, I've experienced the issue myself.

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Dave The Daring said:

Because you're a terrible mapper? ;)

Well, can't argue with that :P

Anyways, had to make a bunch of changes to my map that I didn't really want to, but I got it working.

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