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So I need help finding good mods for doom it's just after a while it
gets boring I've played most of the mods getting attention lately they just worn out so if you seen or played a good mod post a link I might like it too.

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You know, the question you've asked is really broad. In addition, you've mentioned something like "mods getting attention" without any specification, so that nobody can know what you're actually looking for and what you're not. This exact question "recommend me a good map/mod" appears here every now and then, and usually makes people frown upon it. Answer is still the same: Go searching for wads on the /idgames archive, and here are some pages that list notable wads and you can get inspired by them:

Maps and mapsets:
And gameplay mods mostly reside here: http://forum.zdoom.org/viewforum.php?f=19&sid=732a49177fadc98d87f5929172493eca

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