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In honor of Dooms 21st birthday (the legal age to drink and purchase alcohol in the United States) let us record demos, or link to live streams of us playing Ultimate Doom while intoxicated!

You can attempt to speed run the game, UVmax it, or just play casually. There is no specific time to do this, so don't do it right before you have to drive to work or something. Please drink responsibly. I don't want anybody screaming ugly truths at their family members or blacking out or getting in fights with their neighbors dog. There is no required blood alcohol level, and if you cant/wont drink, you can still participate in the fun by playing doom anyway and/or heckling other players :)

be safe and have fun!! Post your demos (successes and failures!!) and live stream details here! Commentary, funny stories, explanations, and police reports are welcome!

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Eh, I'll think about posting some demo, I haven't even played original doom myself so it would be, like, FDA or whatever. I'm usually too horny to remain at PC while drunk.

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Cool idea. I agree that since this isn't a competition, you just play when you start to feel drunk (not necessarily smashed).

Let's call this event "Rocket to the head". No? OK.

PS I was somewhat drunk (but perhaps not enough) when I maxed Jenesis map 23, and that kinda made it fun to watch afterwards because of all the close missile dodges.

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Here's my drunkruns. I tried to UVMAX everything but my memory of E2 and E3 failed me. Also I ragequitted a few times and overwrote my demos of a few maps by mistake. :X

Doom's not fast enough for me when im drunk so i'm extremely reckless and wasteful. enjoy :)


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