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Map based on friend's house

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DMGUYDZ64 said:

Looks nice from inside but not outside ,cause it's basically an empty Garden

Yea, I might have to add a bit more detail to the backyard.

glenzinho said:

Your friend really needs to clean his toilet.

He lives alone lol, so do you expect super clean bathrooms? On top of that he's also Italian/Sicilian blooded.

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Here is a variant of the same map but with a snow/winter theme applied:

Both will be released together in one archive.

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He already has played it with me and he doesn't mind. On top of this, he is toying around with his own version of his home as well.

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I like how it's very semi-realistic looking! Also, it was funny to see a squirrel in the bedroom. Shamely, there were huge visual bugs when playing in software rendered, fences in the garden appear as sunken into the ground.

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I have changed the actual texture for the railings outside to custom ones so that didn't happen but unsure if that happens with the dish rack in the kitchen, which I assume it is? I may have forgotten to replace that and can fix that right away.

Edit: Fixed the software mode texture errors. Check the download in several hours or later. now.

The squirrel is an in-joke with my friend, that's why it's there.

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