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Adding custom Things in Boom

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I have been trying to implement some new things from the Doom Alphas into TPBM.wad (Such as the bushes Romero recently sent out as well as an office chair from Alpha 0.5) and have no idea on what to do.

Almost all of my searches come up with ZDoom guides (Which apparently don't work with Boom format), even when I specifically search for Boom guides.

Anyway, may I request a detailed guide on how to incorporate these new things into Boom (They are only static objects so it should be simple enough) without replacing any of the current decorations (As I also use them as well)?

Any help you can offer will be heavily appreciated, thanks.


(Just to rub it in, WhackEd has an "add" option on the things menu that is permanently faded out and seems to be unusable :/ )

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ZDoom and a few other complex ports offer ways to add new things to Doom. The standard vanilla (and by extenstion, boom) format only allows you to patch over existing things -- which is where the term pwad comes from.

If you want to import something into your wad, you'll have to look for something you definitely won't use and replace it with that.

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Unfortunately, you can't add anything with Dehacked without replacing something else.

However, if you only need to add a few things, you can find some really useless stuff. A perfect example is thing 115 - Dead Lost Soul. Things 118 and 119 are identical, so replacing one of them won't cost you anything. The aforementioned things don't have their own states, borrowing character states instead, but there are 5 states in the table that aren't used by anything.

You can lift another 6 states from the Pain Elemental's resurrecting animation, provided you disable it first.

If you move to MBF, there'll be a lot more useless states, and a few more useless things.

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Thanks for the help guys.

I am going to patch over the dead lost soul and thing 119 and use the unused cut in half half marine state and the gray stalagmite thing state as a base.

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