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Zulk RS

"TURN 180"... What did that do?

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Recently while searching the web for some console cheats, i found a command called Turn 180. It's supposed to turn the players sprite 180 degrees. As custom skins always interested me, I decided to try it out. But although the command was accepted, it had no visible effect. Any idea what that did or what went wrong?

Personally, I thought that if I had chasecam enabled, this cheat would let me see my character from the front instead of from the back or at least make my character face the opposite direction.

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Open ZDoom's console.

bind h turn180
Press H.
You will turn back, and of course, your view will also turn back. This is a functional command to rotate you 180°, which can be useful while playing. It won't reverse just the sprite, lol!

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Gez said:

If what you want is see your skin front and back, you can do that from the player setup menu.

I know about that. But I wanted to see my skin front and back in action. You know, during game-play

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