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Resource Project : 3D Switches

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So the other day I bored and decided to mess with the idea of making Quake Style Switches for GZDoom using a 3D model. Using SetActorState and SetActorVelocity, and a 3D Model, I can get a button going back and forth like a Quake button does.

This version is a "proof of concept". I'm going to make a gallery of 3d model switches using the Quake style and some other styles (Halflife beeping switch, a pulldown knob switch) from various sources (Doom, Quake, Heretic/Hexen and whatever switch resource I can find).

Credits to Jimmy for the base of the textured switch.

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Very neat. I can imagine this having many uses for some higher-detail maps. But what's the deal with the music in the background?

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