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Doom + Accessories - Shovelware

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Hi there.

I was quickly browsing through the last couple of threads about shovelware, and I was wondering: Why is Doom + Accessories so popular? I mean, as I write this, it has 1,194,723 downloads at archive.org, while the next most downloaded is Doom Fever, with "just" 904.

So, what's happening? Why is everyone downloading that one? I browsed through the contents and there doesn't seem to be anything "outstanding" or "special".

What do you think guys?

EDIT: By the way, I posted here and not in Doom General because the last thread was moved here. I hope it's OK.

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I'd say it's either a glitch in their download counter or someone's spread a rumour that the CD's loaded with warez, more likely the former.

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