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[single map] some marble thing

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This is a test map to work on my layout and flow skills. After having played some really nice maps that "feel" like Doom 2, I realized that my own maps fail to do so, and are really chunky, so to say. So I made a "test map", or a single player map, to hone my layout skills. I'll probably be releasing these gradually and hopefully see some improvement.

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated (balance/detailing/flow/design etc).

Thanks for playing!

Compat: Doom 2 / Boom
Music: No
Monsters: 330~
Difficulties: No
Playtime: 10 min
Detailing: Med-Low
Build time: On and off over a few weeks



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that first shot is amazing! second one looks pretty good too :p gonna give this a shot right now!

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Well, I've played through the map, and liked it. Great visuals (with a not-too-big and not-too-low amount of detail) and enjoyable classic-style gameplay. Nicely structured varied layout, even if the progression was a bit linear on the whole.

The bad sides: I've ran out of ammo after the blue key and didn't have any resources to deal with the PE and further enemies. One another time I've ran out of ammo on the lift before the yellow key. And I've encountered a game-breaking bug in the exit room (by the way, I liked that trap): After beating the last fight, as soon as I've pushed both switches to open both bars, I wanted to run to the exit, but the bars closed again (and the back ones displayed a HOM) and I was screwed there, unable to exit.

Remove the bug and add some ammo to the problematique places, and you'd get 5/5 from me! ;)

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