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Delta 3 style teleporters and Multiplayer mapping

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Does anybody know if implementing a Delta style teleporter (scripted) will work correctly in a Deathmatch map?

Also, how can I test a map via the console in Deathmatch mode? Loading the map is easy, but running it in DM mode isn't.

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Definitions of the DM maps are stored in maps.def file, which you can find in pak000.pk4. You can open pk4 files as zip files with any archive program that supports zip files.

Create a folder "def" in your "base" directory. Create there a file named as you wish with type ".def" (it's better not to be named as defs in pak000.pk4). Open that file and write this:

mapDef game/mp/my1 {
	"name"		"Map name"
	"devname"		"Development name"
	"Deathmatch"		"1"
	"Team DM"		"1"
	"Last Man"		"1"
	"Tourney"		"1"
game/mp/my1 is a path to your map.

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Thanks for that! :).

I'm also a bit concerned that a Delta 3 style teleporter may not work properly in a deathmatch map. A more basic teleporter would employ a trigger_multiple type func_static brush, but since the teleporters used in the Delta 3 map work mostly via guis and scripts, I have no idea how other players within a DM map would be affected by this. I'm hoping that only that player who activates the teleporter would be affected.

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