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Seamless liquidfalls?

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If you look closely, you can see rows of a darker colour each 128 pixels vertically. These rows stay on the same places during all frames of the texture's animation. In fact, the raindrops never flows over the few top and few bottom pixels of the texture, which makes a slight (but noticeable) seam. All Doom's liquidfalls are like that, including the derived custom ones (mudfalls etc.). I'm asking if there's an improved "seamless" version of them.

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I assumed that was deliberate because real waterfalls exhibit the same kind of stationary patterns. It would be due to irregularities in the rock face behind the falls, the rock face showing through the fluid somewhat, and standing patterns in the fluid.

I have seen the same dark band on local waterfalls. It appears just below the top lip, where the water is thickest, before it starts to breakup. Most of the foam appears below this dark band.

It makes tall falls have tiling patterns, but all irregular textures (like rock) tile badly. Some 256 and 512 high patterns would help.
How many ports can use those?

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scifista42 said:

Unfortunately, the first ones still have seams and the latter ones are smudged (which is also the case of those BTSX falls). I wanted liquidfalls looking like the original ones, just with fixed seams.

Yeah the first ones are just "fixed" colours- the second are meant to look a little "faster" than just slow flowing goop.

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