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exporting stuff not found inside wad

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Anyway, here's the deal. I'm retexturing for certain wad, so it's evident I'm working with +400 already designed pictures to flesh out newer versions.

The problem is, while the original wad uses patches to create the "usable in map editing" textures, I'm drawing "already composited" images.

So? I need a way to visualize the official textures of that PWAD, and save them as bmps for later manipulation (with the correct names and all). That means I can't use Wintex, since it only shows the patches and the useless PNAMES and TEXTURES entries.

I guess I could just visualize the finished textures with a Map Editor, and just rip them with Print Screen, but I only have WA lying around my disk, and it doesn't seems to possess any "optional texture wads" option.

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It doesn't matter anymore, people. Lüt the Amazing Human just told me how to. Apparently you CAN load external wad files as texture references. It's just hidden 2 right-clicks away...

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