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32in24-14: How the Hamburglar Stole Christmas!

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Name: Assault on Mount Crumpet
Buildtime: 7.5 hours
Music: Ice Cap Act 2 from Sanic3
Maps shamelessly stolen from:
32in24-12 map12
32in24-11 map10
32in24-9 map02
32in24-3 map10
32in24-13 map48

Description: Intel has strong suspicion that The Hamburglar has taken hiding in a fortified compound on Mount Crumpet, just north of Whoville (Formerly Abbottabad). NAVY seal team 6 is having Chirstmas Dinner, so it is up to you to save the day.

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wtf am i doing eith my life I hate everyerthing

name: reindeer processor
bulid tiem; way tuoo fuscking long
\download: here bitches
musico: @TIme Bomb@ by me, done in 34 mitneus

aslos I did another midi thing that anyone's free to use because it dinD't fit this shitty map




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Name: A Very Tyson Christmas
Buildtime: Hour forty.
Architecture: 32in24-11 map13 by Olympus
Music: I have no idea. is listed as accf-0900

Description: All doomguy wanted for Christmas was a new chaingun. Santa had cataracts and thought it was a chainSAW. Luckily for all those involved, he left a chaingun on the other side of the waterways. Will you fight through HELL ITSELF to get it? Or just rip and tear.

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name: Fuck Christmas, I just want to read!
Architecture: 32in24-9 map 10 & 43
music: 12 days of Christmas midi
buildtime: should have been under an hour but ended up being several hours of brainfarts instead

Story: 5 years ago back in 32in24-9, 2 space marines battled each other to the death for a mysterious library. Now in the present day, Demons have taken over its dark secrets and its up to you, as the guardian of the library, must judge them whether they were nice...or they deserved a shotgun in the ass!

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I hope i am in time.

Name:Milk and Sugar
Music: no music unfortunatly, feel free to add one.

Those damn imps have blown up your reserves of Sugar and scattered the keys to your secret Milk well! where they could be?

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Just popping in to say it looks like IRL killed my map.

Oh well. At least I can use the zooming room and shootable walls for DYNAMIC DIFFICULTYâ„¢ (which makes it harder if you didn't pistol start the level) in a later Boom map.

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I tend to prefer my single-player maps go on for longer than mine currently is, but eh.

Almost entirely hand-made, too, although I decided to use a map from 32in24-12 for a finale-of-sorts.

Also wasted like six hours of the allotted time making this, all for a terrible pun:

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Gothic said:

I'd like to replace my current map by this one


Please reject my previous map.

You can enter multiple maps if you want, y'know.

Unless you really, really hated that last map, in which case, *shrug*

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Holy crap, I actually managed to finish this crappy little map in a single day!

Name - "I'm Dreaming of an orange Christmas (In space)"

Midi - "Pursuit" by 42

Build time - Several hours

Description - You've received reports that the Hamburglar's thugs have seized and taken control of a small space station to try and control the weather to screw up the winter weather and ruin Christmas. Your objective is to clear the outpost of the Hamburglar's forces to help the Doomworlders take control of the space station to find out the Hamburglar's location and save Christmas. Good luck.


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finally finished these two maps, phew

title: Chapel of Christmas
music: Chapel of Dissonance, from Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance
sky: SKYHX3D

download map
download music

title: Jingle Hell
music: Opposing Bloodlines, from Castlevania: Rondo of Blood
sky: SKYHX3C

download map
download music

testing on Jingle Hell was really minimal and rushed because I have to go do stuff now, but it should be beatable, it's just really hard/maybe too dumb. when I say beatable I mean only in terms of difficulty; I was able to run through it from start to finish just fine. Chapel was also not tested as much as I'd like but that's what next week is for! that one is also a little brutal, but there should be enough health to make up for it for the time being

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