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William Blazkowicz

Problems running Doom alpha versions

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You mean, the alpha versions are full of bugs and don't work right with ports meant for the finished game? How could it be possible?

A possible way to fix this would be to play the finished game.

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Yes, running them in DOSBox should make them work.

However, you will need to run a "Faketime" with the Press Release Doom or the game will refuse to run (This was hopefully included in the download you got with it).

If not I will gladly direct you to the /idgames version of the Press Release Doom: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?file=historic/doomprbt.zip which include the "Faketime" needed to run it.

NOTE: You do not need to use the Faketime for any beta Doom versions that are not the Press Release version of Doom (So that means you can run 02, 04 and 05 perfectly fine.

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so once more time: http://lordcyber.net/doom_sw
there are two versions of dosbox package, one self-extraction exe file and second just compressed via 7z ...

what's inside??

doom 0.2 prealpha
doom 0.4 alpha
doom 0.5 alpha
doom 0.9 press release
doom 0.99 shareware
doom 1.1 shareware
doom 1.2 shareware
doom 1.25 shareware
doom 1.4 shareware
doom 1.5 shareware
doom 1.6 shareware
doom 1.666 shareware
doom 1.8 shareware
doom 1.9 shareware
heretic 1.0 beta
heretic 1.0 shareware
heretic 1.2 shareware
hexen 1.0 beta
hexen 1.0 demo
strife 1.0 teaser
strife 1.1 teaser

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