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Carniverous Goat


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I'm looking for an Iwad patcher that allows me to play earlier versions without having to use the Java Console. I've tried for nearly 2 hours to get that wretched piece of software to work as intended, but to no avail. There was another solution but it was based in the windows 98 era of programming and gives me runtime 53 errors like it went out of style ages ago.

Is there anything else available aside from the half-assed java app that auto patches to the best version, and a ancient visual basic program that doesn't function on a 64bit version of Windows 7? I'd also like to find where I could get my hands on a beta version of Doom II, I've seen two videos of a few persons showing off such things with Doom place holders, and no links where provided to the files.

I apologize if any of this is illegal. Doom and anything remotely related across a vast spectrum of classics is merchandise and games I brought and collected for years. I'm tracking down historical versions and files to build a private library for nostalgic purposes only.

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