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DESPAIR - 5 levels for Heretic 2014!

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DESPAIR.PK3 - unzip than drag both the PK3 and maps file into your GZdoom loader!!!!

DESPAIR is a custom WAD for Heretic, and includes a handful of custom enemies, powerups and weapons. What they are, I'll leave the surprise up to you - but feel free to take a peek at the screenshots before playing this 5-level adventure! I'm just looking for constructive criticism and playtesting before this becomes an IDgames entry.

STILL TO-DO (once I have feedback):
- Fix the TitlePic error (why doesn't it show?)
- Level 5's "rising watertable puzzle" in Lightning Wizard's section (nothing there yet)
- ExArch death frames (he replaces the Skullwizard as a more suitable enemy, as well as a' Surprise Wizard' whose also not as overpowered)
- End pic and text
- Deathmatch starts and accomodation (maybe)
- Other balance issues found by you, the testers






Just play it and see for YoSelf!!!! ;)

Again, here's the download link:

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I keep getting this error whenever I try to get it to launch:

Execution could not continue.

Script error, "Despair.pk3:actors/items/inventory.txt" line 38:
"var" is an unknown actor property


I want to check it out, it looks cool, but I'm not sure if it's a problem on my end and I'm not launching it properly or if something is just messed up in the files.

Edit: My bad, I got it working now! I was trying to play it through Zandronum. Gonna check it out now.

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I'm 3 maps in. I like the architecture quite a lot. The new monsters are good too, they add challenge. On the other hand, the levels are way too linear, and ammo is really tightly balanced until half of the 2nd map - using melee seems necessary, and I've died due to running out of wand crystals and encountering gargoyles, who are really hard to hit by a wooden staff.

Jumping is apparently required - alright. There are a few errors in ZDoom: Some unknown actors appear here and there, the console shows warnings "Unknown class name 'DiscipleSummonCheck'" and "DeadTreeTall and DeadTreeTall both have DoomedNum 7864", which looks like a duplicated declaration.

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