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Doing a git-svn clone of Doom Builder raises a virus alert

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I want to do a Git-SVN clone of Doom Builder, so I can make a Git copy of it to Github. Using CodeImp's tree from Sourceforge, I apply the following command to get it:

git svn clone svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/doombuilder/code/trunk doombuilder
However, by the time it reaches r10, Windows Defender (Windows 8.1) quickly detects a threat (Virus:Win32/Luder.A), proceeds to delete/modify some files that are getting generated during the Git-SVN process, and practically cancels the clone.

My post here is just to bring attention to this. I'm considering briefly turning off auto-scanning, maybe the offending files will be modified by the time the clone ends, thus stopping being detected by Windows Defender. Will update this post with info. EDIT: no threats if I scan after I finish the git-svn clone.

Have you also gotten such alerts?

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