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doom 2 wad - refrigerator magnets

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Here's 3-map PWAD for Doom 2. It's called "Refrigerator Magnets".

Download (mediafire)

Some images (imgur)

Any feedback is welcome. Any demos are really welcome!

* Thanks to plums for advice and help with map01. The rest is all my fault...

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FDAs for all 3 maps, individually recorded in PrBoom+ -complevel 2.

I liked the visuals in all these maps. This style with minimum detail, but still nice-looking terrain is very sympathetic to me. All of the colour / texture schemes worked well, I've noticed that they were often inspired by the IWADs, in a good way. The layouts were also good, I thought - varied, unpredictable, but still intuitive to navigate.

I've enjoyed MAP01's gameplay - you've put a pressure early on, but not too much of it, so that it became clear that I'll need to pay attention whereever I go and whatever I do. However, MAP02 and MAP03 both overused big monster hordes that I couldn't kill with my weaponry, or at least not fast enough, so that I've better decided to run. This problem of weak weaponry + hard monsters already existed in MAP01, but I didn't mind it in that map's case. I don't like slaughters and evasion-style gameplay, and the arachnotrons and specially revenants in big groups didn't suit me well at all. I prefer to fight more appropriate amounts of monsters, and with appropriate weaponry, so that it takes a reasonable time to kill them and advance further. I'm okay with occasionally skipping monsters, but not whole armies of them, and I'm not so okay with SSG-ing or rocketing a field of high-HP enemies.

One more thing, I didn't like the inescapable damaging pits in MAP03, that whole lava-filled place was unnecessary to be there, IMO.

That's it - I'm about half satisfied, half dissatisfied with this wad. Visuals were thoroughly good, many gameplay situations were good, but I don't really feel like finishing MAP02 and MAP03 at all. Anyway, keep up the good work!

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Caleb13 said:

People will start complaining this uses stock Doom 2 music tracks in 3... 2... 1...

Speaking for myself, I didn't even mind it that much in this wad, because the maps felt enough classic-like so that classic music was okay for them. The situation is different with seriously charismatic maps (atmospheric, concept, or just "unvanilla"-like, or wanna-be maximum gorgeous with their own style), but that wasn't the case here.

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I really like the visual style of these maps and they play pretty nicely too, the inescapable lava pit on MAP03 was unexpected and I recommend taking it out.

Also I don't mind D_STALKS but listening to it on two maps in a row is a little tedious.

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