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[Graphics Enhancement] Reshade for GZdoom and possibly other GL ports.

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If you're familar with SweetFX, the graphics enhancer for DX9/11, you might be happy to know that the developer came out with a version that also supports OPENGL. This also serves as a replacement for QEffectsGL since it's no longer supported in GZDoom.

More Info: Link. Note GZDoom in the supported apps list which I found interesting.

Non-invasive mirror: Link

My current settings: Link

Screenshot : Before and After using my settings.

Another Before and After using BTSX Ep2.

If you want to have the QEffects style overbloom, mess with the HDR setting.
If you want to have more experimental features like godrays and DOF, you might want to try these other shaders (which also include something made by leilei.) Link

A note about my settings:

SMAA + FXAA turned on to remove aliasing from the textures.
Lift Gamma Gain used to slightly make the game palette more blue and less red. I can't stand the bright reds in Doom.
Lumasharpen enabled but not too high.

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BlackFish said:

Screenshot : Before and After using my settings.

Looks like Doomguy disapproves, he's closing his eyes on your "after" screenshot. :p

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