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DOOM: The Penumbra Episodes [WIP]

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DOOM: The Penumbra Episodes

Coming soon, I hope to release Doom: The Penumbra Episodes, a megawad of Ultimate Doom (I chose it over Doom II because I like the episode format a lot. It'll be my second megawad after Doom: Chaos Hunter, which in my opinion was far more amateur than this one thus far. I intended for the level design not to be anything super detailed like Alien Vendetta or crazy like Hell Revealed, its meant to resemble the levels of Classic Doom, both in appearance and difficulty. So far I have episode 1 finished aside from some asthetic details that need to be added, and about half of the levels of the other three episodes completed. It will use the resources of Ultimate Doom, but I use them in a (hopefully) creative way that gives the game a different sense of flow and story from Doom, with locations like Limbo and Ganymede (and of course Hell, but thats not exactly original :P). Just wanted to post this so that info about it is on the web and not all simply sitting on my computer.

Here's the level listing:

Episode 1 - A Terrestrial Nightmare

E1M1 - The Armory
E1M2 - Data Mainframes
E1M3 - Bunker
E1M4 - Security Station
E1M5 - Laboratories
E1M6 - Garbage Disposal
E1M7 - Atomic Engineering
E1M8 - Base Core
E1M9 - Subterrainians (Secret Level)

Episode 2 - The Hallows of Limbo

E2M1 - Limbo Entrance
E2M2 - Place of the Lost
E2M3 - Valley of Skulls
E2M4 - Styx
E2M5 - The Tombs
E2M6 - Altar of Blood
E2M7 - Wastelands
E2M8 - Tartarus
E2M9 - Hidden Chamber (Secret Level)

Episode 3 - Ganymede Hellhive

E3M1 - Ganymede Anomaly
E3M2 - Abandoned Plant
E3M3 - Infernal Outpost
E3M4 - Infested Station
E3M5 - Resource Processing
E3M6 - Dilapidated Area
E3M7 - Hellhive
E3M8 - Gates of Hell
E3M9 - Restricted Sector (Secret Level

Episode 4 - Hell of All Hells

E4M1 - Hells Entrance
E4M2 - Depths of Hades
E4M3 - Judecca
E4M4 - The Malebolge
E4M5 - The Abyss
E4M6 - Fires of Gehenna
E4M7 - Hell Tabernacle
E4M8 - Unholy of Unholies
E4M9 - Lost Sanctuary (Secret Level)

Really wish I could include screenshots but I cannot figure out for the life of me how to do it since it just shows blackness. Just posting this to see if it catches anyones attention and if this is something that sounds good to people. :P

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It sounds good, and that's it. It sucks that you don't have screenshots or anything to show, because that's what catches people's attention, not just words - everyone can speak words, but not everyone can design good maps (sorry to I say it like that, I don't mean it badly with you at all). Please, post some, here is a guide: Take the screenshots in your favourite sourceport, using the screenshot button, usually "PrintScreen" (or find it out in options menu). The screenshots will be saved into the port's directory. Take them, and upload them to an image hosting site, I recommend imgur.com. Then post direct links to the images on this forum, in [img] tags, or [url] tags if they're too big.

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