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[SOLVED] Weird coloration when opening Strife1 and SVE.wad

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I remember ages ago opening Strife's main wad up to pull the portrays files out of it. With Veteran Edition's new title screens I wanted to rip those out along with the screen that is used for the intro text blurb. Unfortunately no matter Slade or xwe the pallet looks weird and I forget how I made it work right.

As in stone textures looking red, the menu words looking muted, and portrayed looking just ugly. How do I fix this?

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I figure what you need to remember is this:

Check if you aren't forcing the Doom palette. Put it back to "Existing/global" if that's what's happening.

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Got it,thanks. No idea why settings were screwy. Got a standalone of SlunpEd, which did the trick.

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