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I'm confused as hell right now

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Could someone tell me what I did wrong?

Look at this:

That's what I'm seeing in Doomseeker right now...

I was playing online earlier and it worked fine. I've noticed that for some reason, now I can't join any servers without setting the Odamex client binary path...but I don't even know what the hell Odamex is. I always use Zandronum.

Someone please help I just wanna play fucking Doom again...


Okay so I just put the path to Zandronum.exe instead of the path to the odamex client binary, so now servers run Zandronum. But it stills says that every single server is offline. What's up with that?

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I Got it ,Doomseeker actually doesn't list Zandronum's servers ..
* From the Navigation bar press Query>Zandronum "Make sure it's checked and refresh list by pressing "Get Server"

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