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Image generator?

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I've mentioned some times before that I have a library of demos that I like to watch on my TV in my living room at home. If you name the demo lumps to "demo1.lmp" it will display the titlepic of the wad being played shortly before running the demo. I like this, as my demo playlist is shuffled in random order and at times I forget the source of the map being played back, so a short introduction of the wad via titlepic before displaying the demo is ideal. However, not all wads have titlepics and will show Doom 2's default titlepic instead.

I'm asking if anyone knows if there's a program I could use to mass produce images using a sort of script or something.

Perhaps using a grayscale doom 2 titlepic as the base, looking up the contents of my wad directory, and spitting out a 320x200 doom-palleted image for every wad in the directory with each filename pasted on the lower left corner. Then all I would have to do is append each line on my batchfile to load the image as an external titlepic lump. That should be enough for me I think.

So for example, if I were to playback a demo of nochance.wad, instead of displaying the TITLEPIC like this:

It would look like this instead:

Any ideas?

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Freedoom's gonna switch to a Python imaging library instead of ImageMagick, however, for reasons that aren't really relevant to this thread.

But that's another approach.

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