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Keen secrets

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I've only seen a couple but they're probably one of my favorite types of secrets to find in a map. I know MAP02 of Rylayeh has them and MAP31 of Hellbound, but does anyone know of any other examples?

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rjspace31 (a rocketjumping map) uses them for a big reveal, although they're resprited to DeathOfTime runes.

edit: Oh and not sure if that's what you're looking for, but Unholy Realms replaces the keen with another cyberdemon to allow "open after miniboss is dead" effects outside of map07.

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MAP31/MAP32 of D2TWID. :D

[...I get what you actually mean, but if you count Sprite+DeHackEd replacements as well, then D2TWTID MAP31 still qualifies. :P ]

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Going Down MAP25 might count. Though it's not a secret there, you have to hunt down all the Keen replacements.

Either Hell to Pay or Perdition's Gate (or both of them) also used Keen replacements for unlocking progression in some of their levels.

I think it also happens in one level of Epic 2.

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