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Ok, so who wrote "Imp Encounter"?

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There was some brief discussion here (this and some later posts in that thread), but no definitive answer that I am aware of. IP addresses suggested England.

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Memfis said:

ye, but obviously it was a fake nick of some other Doomworld member

I had one theory (based on his "vagina dentata of doom" thread) who the actual person be but despite being exciting and fun it turned out to be 100% wrong as the suspect died before the thread was posted.

I wonder if Taylor is still around, and if he dares to contribute some valuable content.

I sure am glad this thread was made. Changed my life and restored my faith in people-ity. It also had some place in my philosophy, and I was planning to make a wad that would be related to it (in a serious way, impse wad is a classic case of film adaptation, quite like Eragon), but you told me it sucks before I even mentioned considering making it. So I figured it isn't worth the effort at the time.

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