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Hexen problemos!

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Hi! So, I've been trying to map for Hexen after being spurred on even further by Kaiser's breathtaking Shadow of Cronos, but I have to say that I'm a bit lost.

So! To break it down, here are my queries:

-The Hexen IWAD I have doesn't include the scripts the levels use. This is extremely weird, and it's confirmed by testing the levels from the editor - any time a script is meant to be activated, the game kicks me back to Doom Builder 2. Where are they? The REALLY weird thing is that the levels work fine when they're not launched from the editor.

-How do I make a Korax trash-talking sequence?

-When I try to test any of MY levels in Chocolate Hexen from the editor, it just comes up with an error message:

Z_Malloc: failed on allocation of [rAnd0m, gaRbl3d m3sSag3]
^ What is this?

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Kappes Buur said:

Except id thought to save space by not including them.

Raven, not id.

And yes that' the reason. The source code isn't included (presumably it was loose files on the Raven Software development computers, and they were never meant to be included), only the compiled bytecode (BEHAVIOR). So when you start from the editor, the editor saves the level in a temporary file, compiles the non-existing SCRIPTS lump, makes an empty BEHAVIOR lump as a result, and you get a scriptless level.

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