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Kontra Kommando

Sanity pit [SFW]

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Sanity pit, huh? That sounds interesting!

Well here's a cute beagle puppy video I found on YouTube:

I love beagles. They are without a doubt one of the best breeds of dog out there.

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here is some intresting black metal documentary, for inspiriation to some doom mapping, perhaps ;)

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Tritnew said:

Jesus, quite a Ego-Maniac of a Bird, It's so fucking cool though. xD; I love Cockatiels.

Ya cocktails are great! Margaritas 4 everyone!

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Bucket said:


There's a lot of cases that point to outside forces manipulating politics. For example, its clear the media and GOP establishment is making a concentrated effort to attack Donald Trump as well.

the link above has none other than MSNBC bringing that to light.

EDIT: I wouldn't be surprised if that activist that disrupted the Sanders rally is working for Hillary.



Political-correctness is being employed as a tool, by establishment Democrats to suppress freedom of speech. For the record, I am not a Bernie Sanders supporter; I oppose socialism. However, I do believe that he has been a target of the Clintons and company. George Soros, who funded the #Blacklivesmatter movement with millions, also contributed millions to the Clinton campaign. Clearly, the protesters were sent to disrupt the rally for nefarious intentions; rather than for social justice awareness as they claim. If Clinton is doing it, so is Obama. Thought suppression has become a hallmark of the modern Democratic party. I only hope more people will become aware of this before they enter the voting booth in 2016.

Soros is the Koch bros. of the Left.

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Bucket said:

*Chuckles internally* Yeah she was definitely hired by the GOP as a secret agent to disrupt Bernie Sanders.... pffffbwhahaha LOL JK. After checking out her facebook profile, i'd say she's most likely your run-of-the-mill blacklivesmatter idiot. She also comes across as politically ignorant/borderline retarded.

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