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music reviews/opinions needed

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http://www.muzakfiend.com/pages/loki/soundtracksample.ram [stream]
http://www.muzakfiend.com/pages/loki/soundtracksample.rm [download

anyone that likes the industrial sound hopefully will get some
kind of sanctuary in the soundtrack. a lot of the other songs
unsampled are similar and others are completely out there and not
even close. i tried to grab a good variety

soon i'll probably skip the demo idea i had planned before and
just release some levels from 'lokis realm' before i even make
the new models in july/august. if you don't mind the fact that
the usual doom characters probably won't fit in with the
atmospheres at all. i'll probably use the old school 'nightmares
of loki' sprites & sounds (ugh, they're horrible)

anyway please leave feedback :( i'm hoping for any opinions,
good or bad. the full game will have mp3-quality music, not real

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ok i understand, hehe

have any recommendations of a better filetype. i still have the sample
collage i made in its original wav file format but thats like 10 megs
i figured realaudio would be a small file size that still sounds about
the same as a radio-quality wav file. think i should just throw up the wave file? anyone know a better way than real-audio or the reason
no one likes real audio anymore? sorry i've been out of it for quite a while, hehe

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