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Has anyone adapted Doom 1/2 textures to Doom 3?

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I'm tempted to adapt the high-resolution JDoom-recommended 4x textures to Doom 3, meaning that I may add the normal and specular maps to make them look 3D and shine to the light, as it's common in Doom 3.

But has anyone already done this?

I'd just love to have stuff like GSTONE1 and WOOD1 in custom Doom 3 levels, that's why.

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I doubt anyone has tried it yet.

One suggestion is to deliberately make the main texture very dull, try to remove as much shading, highlights and shines as possible. The reason for this is that the normal and specular maps are meant to serve those purposes and to have that on top of a diffuse with lighting already baked in will look like someone had a field-day with the Photoshop sharpen tool.

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Why not a project that resizes and modify the Doom 3 textures so that they integrate seamlessly with the classic ones?

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neubejiita said:

There is a Doom2 wood texture in Quake.

Not just the wood texture. There are also a few metal textures and a recolored rock texture.

Doom 3 contains one Quake 1 texture, at least 1 texture inspired by Quake, a remake of the COMP family of textures, one of the TEKWALLs and a reinterpretation of SKSPINE.

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