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Mac Zdoom install behaving strangely

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I think my computer may still have some kind of virus (I got rid of the malware awhile ago, but it still is behaving strangely). It used to be that I could drag a wad onto the zdoom executable and the wad would load. At some point I noticed this stopped working and so I stopped playing doom because I could not get pwads to load anymore.

I finally decided to download the latest version of mac zdoom, even though doing so did not solve the problem of knowing why my previous version stopped working with pwads. The new version did initially work with pwads. But then it stopped loading pwads.

I looked at the package contents and saw that a bin file was missing that was there when the program was first installed. So I dragged and dropped the bin file from the zdoom install program but it didn't solve the problem of the pwad not loading. I deleted all zdooms and installed the new version again. It now only loads the pwad the first time. When I exit zdoom and load the pwad again it doesn't load the pwad and the bin file is gone from the package contents. So I deleted zdoom again and reinstalled it. Then I copied the iwads into the OS folder as you're meant to and then before running the program for the first time I made a copy of it and placed it in a different folder. I then loaded the pwad on the original install (not the copy). The wad loaded fine. I exited and tried loading the wad again and it didn't load. So I deleted the install and copied the copied install into the applications folder. The pwad still didn't load! So now the only way I can load a pwad is deleting and installing afresh every time.

Someone familiar with mac zdoom please try to shed some light on this madness!

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