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Perfect, a truly great map! Despite being for Doom 1, you've managed to make it well challenging without being unfair, I've enjoyed the hecticity of fights. And thanks to a compact nonlinear layout and vivid, varied and unconventional texturing and detailing, the map was very pleasing to run around and explore. Overally, very entertaining! The slight crazyness only helps it. Great job.

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hah, crazy map. I enjoyed it. I liked how it was partially melee oriented, without relying on gimmicks. And what scifista said. The beginning was a little rough compared to the rest, but anyway, a great experience. Would play an episode like this.

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On 1/12/2015 at 5:47 PM, SuperCupcakeTactics said:



I slice through the veil of taboo with a blade of necro-posting to deliver this message:


Ur links r broke lol


Anyway, here's Wonderwall:


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I can reupload it until Cuppy clarifies. Link
Either way, good map. Cuppy's 2015 work could be a solid episode if they are ever compiled.

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