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Some questions about lumps

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Yeah, I know this might be a noobish question and I think I might already know the answer.

But, does the MAPINFO Lump work for Vanilla Doom too?

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Ok, ty for the fast answer :)

Another thing, I dont know:

When adding new images with XWE, as example I want to replace the SKY1 file with a new one.
After I import the new SKY1 file it is shown as IMAGE in XWE.
How can i convert this IMAGE to a PATCH to make the WAD vanilla compatible?

I mean from this:http://gyazo.com/e3827fd7c25a881edf37bda03393fd41
To this: http://gyazo.com/e82204dddf23299fbb4ebac79763d632

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Image and patch are the same thing. I suppose for XWE, the difference is that a patch is in between P_START and P_END markers? It doesn't matter engine-side anyway; these markers are ignored by the exe.

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Enjay said:

I'm surprised Gez didn't mention Slade. It's a more up to date, currently maintained lump editor. I like XWE but it is showing its age and Slade can do a number of things that XWE can't. It's also more stable, less likely to corrupt work and currently being maintained (as I said).


or development builds:


Ill try that, I heard of Slade but I've gotten so used to XWE.

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Enjay said:

I'm surprised Gez didn't mention Slade.

He kinda did, in a way... :)

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