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ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival #179 - Suitcase of Gor

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I don't need to add anything to the following late 2013 Tarnsman's quote from the wad's release thread:

Alfonzo wouldn't stop pestering me to release my first maps instead of deleting them so here is Suitcase of Gor. My first 22 maps. They suck and I'm sorry for wasting your time with this garbage.

We already visited the first eleven maps in TNS #14 when the wad was still called Doom II Redux and was in its alpha version, but 11 more maps are still TNS virgins, so yeah, let's suffer through playing this utter piece of garbage again and anew at the same time, because that's what we do in TNS, we play bad wads.

  • Skill: Ultra Violence
  • IWAD: doom2 or freedoom070
  • PWADs: suitcase-v2
  • Maps: map01-15, map32, map21-26
  • Lives: 1
  • Euro session: 19:00 GMT @ [L@P] - Germany, Europe
  • US session: 19:00 EST @ DUI - New Jersey, USA
  • Date: 15th January 2015
  • More Details...
Get ZDaemon and join in.

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