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Doom Sprites Topic

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Well, I guess this is my first post. Hi, I'm TheAwesomeModder! I like DooM, but I also like making weapon sprites for this game. So, I started a topic where you guys post your attempts at making DooM sprites. Here it is! First up, here's a flamethrower weapon I drew using GIMP. I'm probably going to use it in one of my mods, so don't download the image and put it in your own.

(Note: It does not have to be a weapon sprite.)

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Here's my contribution, a super heavy-duty cigarette lighter. Works best against flying monsters and assorted pests that are lurking off-screen on high ledges.

Main problem I have with the OP's flamethrower is the sprite angle, it's unlikely to hit anything on-screen unless the target's within melee range.

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Like those fox holes gotta be sniffed out and cleared. Don't want Jungle Jim to pop up and send yer ass back to De Nang, or worse, home to Mommy and Daddy in a body bag....On the fourth of July!

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