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Old DOOM Ads / id-related imagery

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I wanted to bring back the attention to those. I thought they were lost from the internet but I managed to find some yesterday, and through a DW thread, too.

I have to say I've always been a fan of the old id/DOOM/Quake imagery, primarily from the UD/DII/Q1 era. This includes the ad posters, Quake the Offering, id Anthology, old CDs etc. There's something really cool about how those were handled, something that is missing today. I'm not even sure who made them but they're all very nice.

What I like about the posters is that there's a really good mix of disturbing / unsettling imagery and kind of silly 90s style phrases. I think that's one of the characteristics of DOOM, it's dark and realistic, not trying to be funny but at the same time there's this over-the-top flavour to it. It's not the DOOM Comic and it's also not full-blown realism. It's a combination of seriousness and violence with the fun factor, both in the right amounts. You are the hero and you destroy your enemies but it's not completely ludicrous.

Kind of makes me think of what we've heard about DOOM4. Would be awesome if they could get that balance right.

Some of the old compilations (Offering, Anthology) also have really good art. It's way more interesting than those boring 'angry character' boxes (yep, also applies to DOOM/DOOMII). I dig that style, camera film bits, non-descriptive images and stuff.

By the way, if anyone has better versions of those pictures (ads), or maybe some that are not here, please do share them!

Source ^^

Quake the Offering

id-A: Slideshow
id-A: CD1-2
id-A: CD3-4

Source ^^

id Anthology

Dissolution of Eternity CD

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My favorite is the SNES Doom ad you can see on doomworld.com/pageofdoom/ The one with all the black ants surrounding the red ant.

I found a mint condition cut out of it from a magazine on ebay last year for $5. I wonder if they're still being sold today.

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Those Ads are awesome, and I agree, a bit of the flavor has been lost more recently. That last ad especially is a perfect balance of dark/unsettling, yet also funny..

My friend had the SNES Doom poster with the ants in his room for ages. I didn't even notice it was a Doom poster until years later!

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Love the industrial grime and crass humor. The last ad, with the hanging body, perfectly embodies Doom's occultist/demonic themes. Loving it.

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Not an ad, but c'mon, does anyone have the Doom 2 Dildo Booth on a photo archive?

Well, actually, I guess a game convention booth is kind of like an ad.

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