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I was wondering if many of the people here who use the various source ports would like to pool there knowledge on the various ports, obscure and well known, from Legacy to Skulltag, into this thread from which I will make an article to post on R! World, http://www.myrworld.com I personally don't have enough experience with all of the ports to do this myself, so any help you frequent users could provide would be a help to me in making this article, and in turn would provide an outlet for you to point all of those having the "I'm new to source ports" moment.

Thanks ahead,

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Fredrik said:

Any help?

Let's see... ok there's a source port called DOOM.

Heh. So Doom is a source port based on Doom? :D

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sorry, just readin thru the different forums as i post the:

"For ne1 who dusnt no, the csDoom master server is back up and running, with HellGod as its host! Pls spread the word 2 all doomers!"


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