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Dead Body ragdoll editing

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Does anybody know how to customize the positioning of limbs on dead body ragdolls? Is it even done within the editor itself? I've learned everything I know about Doom 3 mapping by dissecting and analyzing the game maps, but this particular function has me stumped.

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As far as I remember you could position the ragdolls in game and then save the position via a console command.

All the information was in the doom3world.org forums but the site still isn't up again :(

(Edit) Try these commands:

Bind ragdoll at the current drag position: bindRagdoll

Unbind selected ragdoll: unbindRagdoll [name]

Save all ragdoll poses to the .map file: saveRagdolls

It's probably usefull to put the binding commands into your config file so you can activate them with a key.

Info taken from here http://www.cheatcc.com/pc/doom3.html

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Place the rag dolls in the approximate place you want them in the editor. Compile the map, and when in-game, make sure you're in windowed mode, and in the console, type 'editafs'. This brings up a control panel that allows you to grab and control rag dolls and other articulated figures. Check the box marked 'drag entities'. After you're done positioning the rag dolls in a way that you like, just enter the 'saveragdolls' command in the console.

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